Software Design

The development of a software solution cannot disregard a thorough and precise analysis of the functional requirements and of the user experience.

These two activities are two sides of the same coin, DESIGN, which, together with the study of the system architecture, turns the business requirements into the instructions needed by the technical team to implement the solution.


Focus on the user


It defines the goal of the project, identifying the activities to be carried out in order to complete it, according to the methodology of analysis most suited to the specific context. The technical department thus liaises with the client, and the business requirements are translated into specifications.


The functional and quality requirements form the basis for defining the components and connections of the architecture. It must be an active asset capable of evolving in order to respond to business changes, thanks to continuous improvement iterations.

Functional Analysis

Translating the business into specifications

By drawing up the functional document and the document containing the test cases for checking consistency between analysis and development:

  • The requirements are spelled out for the technical department to be able to initiate the development activity
  • The Client is advised on the basis of a comprehensive vision of the project, to help them understand which strategy should be pursued
  • The Client is provided with alternative perspectives, not considered before, to achieve their business objectives

System Architecture

The foundations of software

We have a deep knowledge of the main enterprise technologies, hence we choose the most suitable ones for achieving the architectural objectives, avoiding the pitfall of trying to adapt the architecture to the technology.

Whether it is designed on-premise, a cloud scenario is required, or a hybrid form, modular architecture makes it possible to:


  • focus development
  • reduce releasing time to the minimum
  • enable DevOps practices
  • promote scalability and reliability

    Start designing your software!